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Boiler Maintenance and Replacement

SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. offers a range of high quality products that have several exceptional features such as an ease of installation and energy efficient functions. Plus, they are easy to use and maintain, built with precision to keep running through the coldest of winters. Below is a comprehensive list of the different boilers and heating systems we have to offer. Give us a call if you would like to request our services to install, service, or purchase a new boiler from SaskWest Mechanical Ltd.

unit heaters

Unit heaters

SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. carries top quality unit heaters that come in a variety of sizes. We have smaller sizes to suit any room in the house, or larger duct heaters that can be used in outdoor spaces or larger indoor rooms. The unit heaters we offer provide reliable, consistent warmth to those areas that need a little extra coziness when it’s cold outside.
We ensure some of the perks of our unit heaters include their compatibility and versatility, which allows you to place it wherever you need it. The installation cost is much lower than most heating systems, but they are a powerful option to heating spaces of all sizes without extensive or complicated duct systems. If you would like to see our unit heaters or need help installing one, give SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. a call today.

roof top heaters

Roof Top Heaters

Rooftop heaters are typically powered by natural gas and provide an efficient source of heat for any area of the home. They do not always need to be installed on the roof; these heaters can also be installed on concrete pads at ground level. This is especially helpful for homes and buildings that have pitched roofs or several stories.
The same high quality ducts and other components we see in indoor systems are also used in our rooftop heaters. These heaters will be installed in a completely weatherproof, sturdy enclosure to make sure it doesn’t get damaged from the elements. SaskWest also offers maintenance and repairs on current rooftop systems. Be sure to call the professional mechanics at our shop to request our services right away!


Boilers & More

We carry both gas and oil powered boilers at SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. These boilers are designed to fit even the tightest of spaces, as well as guaranteed to thoroughly and efficiently provide heat to be ready to use whenever you need it. The boiler controls can be adjusted to suit the living conditions and inner workings of your home, making for a pleasant and dependable experience. Our boilers guarantee a comfortable environment time and time again.
SaskWest offers new boilers, maintenance work, and repairs on existing systems. We offer only the highest quality when it comes to boilers, paying close attention to consumer and Energy Star ratings. You and your home deserve the best. Request our boiler services by giving us a call. The professional mechanics here are equipped with the knowledge to help you out immediately.



The furnace is one of the most important mechanical systems to keep your entire home warm and comfortable during chilly seasons. Our high quality gas and electric furnaces offer the best heat possible, and are engineered to run just right in order to save you more money than usual by the end of the year. They are also specialized to run quietly and smoothly, ensuring a peaceful experience as you heat your home. Easily adjustable, these furnaces can be set to the temperature you wish and remain consistent throughout the day.
SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. offers new furnaces, as well as repairs and maintenance work on your existing systems. You don’t want to wait until it’s below zero outside to make sure your furnace is properly working – give the professionals at SaskWest a call.

sheet metal

Sheet metal

At our shop, we manufacture and provide custom sheet metal of any size. SaskWest mechanics are dedicated to fabricating high quality sheet metal that can be used in a variety of projects that require durable metal materials. The production of sheet metal in our shop includes laser cutting, stamping, welding, powder coating, finishing, and so much more.
We strive to add the most value as possible to your project or even business. To learn more about our sheet metal fabrication services, give us a call at SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. and we will be happy to help you discover the sheet metal you are looking for.

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