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Air Conditioning Service and Replacement

At SaskWest Mechanical Ltd. we carry high quality and efficient air conditioning systems provided by Lennox International. Below you can read about the features and details about these systems. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation, give us a call and we would be happy to walk you through our cooling options.

Product Overview

Dave Lennox Elite Series XC14 Air Conditioner

This system is an excellent balance of price and efficiency for the Saskatchewan climate. It features quiet cooling comfort during warmer seasons when you need it most.


Energy Efficiency

The efficiency rating on this model is 16,000 SEER. You will save hundreds of dollars a year compared to a standard air conditioner; it is Energy Star qualified, meeting and exceeding EPA guidelines for ultimate energy efficiency. The outdoor coil provides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high efficiency operation.

Quiet Operation

This model ensures sound levels as low as 70 dB, which is much quieter than standard air conditioners. A precision-engineered scroll compressor allows for silent, smooth operation due to the high quality sound-dampening system. Finally, the drive fan has a precision-balanced direct that delivers even quieter operation.

Reliable Performance

On this model, the PermaGuard Cabinet features a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction, louver coil guard, baked-on powder finish, and durable zinc-coated base that provides long lasting protection against rust and corrosion. A SmartHinge louver design allows for quick, easy access to interior components from all sides for effective cleaning and maintenance. It also protects the coils from damage and provides a clean appearance. Lastly, the drainage holes in the model prevent damaging moisture from collecting inside the base pan.

Lennox MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Quiet Operation
  • Home Comfort
  • Flexibility

Energy Efficiency

These mini-split air conditioners have an efficiency rating of 22 SEER, and is Energy Star qualified that meets and exceeds EPA guidelines for Efficiency. The inverter technology slowly ramps up the system to full speed, delivering only the air that is needed at the time. A unique design makes the entire system safer and more efficient than traditional window units.

Quiet Operation

The same invertor technology mentioned above ensures a slow ramp up to full speed for this mini system for an ultra-quiet experience upon startup. Indoor sound levels are as low as 26 dB, and outdoor sound levels are as low as 50 dB.

Home Comfort

Our secure installation will leave you less vulnerable to problems associated with window units such as insects, weather elements, and theft. The easy to use wireless remote control also allows you to change the temperature to suit your comfort needs at home.


This system allows for cooling in houses that do not have forced air systems. A ductless design eliminates complicated installation or expensive modifications.

Compare Models

To compare up to the 3 series of models available from Lennox, click the link below to be redirected to the Lennox International website.

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